Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Made It!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. There's only so much you can say about driving cross county and staying in a hotel and swimming! But, today we have big news... We Made It! We are here in West Palm Beach and settled into our hotel. Tomorrow we will recover from the travel and tie up some loose ends and Friday will be spent at the hospital doing pre-op stuff. We are fortunate to be heading up to Tampa for the weekend to spend some time with Aunt Cindy and her family. Then, we will get moved into our condo on Monday and the surgery is planned for 6:30 AM on Tuesday morning.

It all seems REAL now and I'm starting to have a hard time. For several weeks I've been focused on getting us here, but now that we are, reality is setting in. Jason has the kids out swimming and I am doing laundry (somethings never change) and I can feel the tears sneaking up on me. Can I really do this? Can I bear to watch Carter suffer through surgery and rehab yet again? Am I strong enough to stay here alone with my kids for four months?

I just went out to the pool and Caitlin had me watch her do a hand-stand and a back flip in the water. I remember so many summers spent at the beach and pool doing the same thing! When did life get so complicated? I seriously thought I was going to cry as I watched the kids frolicking in the water. Maybe I'm tired, maybe it's because I left my really darn cute swim dress and swimsuit at the hotel in Tallahassee, maybe it's because I left my really good hair conditioner in North Platte, or maybe it's because I just love them so much and I'm scared and the Mom isn't supposed to be scared!


Tyler and Jess said...

I'm crying for you if that makes you feel better. I love you and I know you can do it!!

The Kent Family said...

I'm glad you're finally there. I wish we could be there with you, even though I don't know how helpful we would be! You're in our prayers! Hope all goes well on friday. Say hi to Cindy and family when you're there this weekend. Try to relax and have fun...if that's possible the weekend before surgery! Love you guys!

Amy said...

a. yes you're tired!
b. get that hotel in tallahassee to send you your stuff!
c. I know all of this stinks, and I promise we are all here for you and will help you however we can over the summer.


Cristina said...

Natalie and I were just reading about your journey. So glad you made it! She really misses your kids. She was wondering if she could write to them, if there is an address we could send letters to email it to me at when you get settled. Our primary class thought it would be fun to write to Carter too. Hope everything goes well in the next few days.

Dustin said...

We are cheering for you here in West Jordan. Keep your spirits up.

MaloneDad said...

I will let you in on a little secret.

Moms and Dads are supposed to be scared!

That is what helps us keep our focus!

You just can't let the kids know you are scared!

That is where they get their strength!

Love you! You will get through the next four months just like you have gotten through the last several years. Jason and you are doing a great job and your being scared helps reduce my being scared for I know good parents are taking care of my grandkids!

Brandan & Haylie said...

Your dad is RIGHT!!! And also sometimes it's okay for the kids to see that you're scared...just make sure to let them know that you know everything is going to be okay as well. Good Luck! You're in our thoughts and prayers as well:-)

B&L Belnap said...

You guys are awesome parents! You may be scared, but you're kids know you love them. We love you guys! You're always in our prayers.