Monday, May 24, 2010

Can We Just Go to Bed Already?

Don't you just hate those blogs that are all "rosy"? I much prefer the cold, hard truth. So, here it is: Today was long, hard, and not that much fun! It was our shortest travel day yet, but we are all tired and have sore hineys and who can really remain pleasant under those circumstances? Tonight we are in Memphis where the weather is just plain ole nasty and the hotel only has an outdoor pool. My poor chillens were so looking forward to a fun evening of swimming, but it's seventy degrees and raining.. still they insisted on a dip in the pool. It ended up being a pretty short dip! The bugs, however, are out in full force, guess the rain didn't keep them in hiding, and my legs were their dinner of choice. Now we are in the room, showered, in our jammies, and we've given everyone a healthy dose of melatonin. Good Night!!!


The Kent Family said...

Ha! Love the picture of Caitlin. Definately one to be saved and shown at a wedding or graduation! Sorry about the sore hineys, but if anyone empathize with you on that one, it would be me!

Amy said...

you guys look like you're doing well! don't come too soon...:) I was just at my mom's and she was cleaning up a storm and totally freaking out about it not being ready for yoU!

Jamie said...

Don't worry, Amy, we're going to WPB first. Carter has a pre-op on Friday. Then we'll come for the weekend. Sure wish we were closer!

MaloneDad said...

Memphis, I've been to Memphis. My company's headquarters are in Memphis. Good pics of the pool in the rain.

Based upon your text today I assume you are in Florida.

Try to have fun.