Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What It's Like Around Here

Usually I'm one of those moms who makes one meal. If you don't like it, you're on your own. Eat it or else. Until now. Carter's tummy hurts from his meds and he has a hard time eating, especially breakfast. The other day we began with yogurt and granola, no go. Next it was one bite of peanut butter and jelly toast before tossing it to the side. So we tried scrabbled eggs with cheese, but the bottoms were over cooked (rude) so we had to make a second batch. Bingo. We had a winner. Today the ritual began with French Toast that was quickly dismissed. A couple fried eggs were next and, believe it or not, were so well received that three more were requested (sunny side up). Yay, he ate! Am I a saint, or what?

Carter doing his own stretches

Recovering from the stretches

And, as always, smiling when I say "cheese" even if he really doesn't want to

Let's recap physical therapy, shall we?

It's getting harder

His knee is getting tighter

He can be a bit grumpy

But he still loves joking around with Don

And playing on his iPhone, see it there on the bed?

Time for a measurement... and encouragement from Don

You've almost reached your goal, Carter, stay strong. You can do it!


Ty and Juju Brown said...

We are rooting for you Carter!!! You can do it! You are one tough guy!!

Our little family said...

You are such a good mom! It breaks my heart just to read your posts. We're rooting for Carter too! You are both very tough!

Ace said...

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie-

When you get back in town we must do a GNO.

This was beyond painful to watch. HOW, pray tell, are you all surviving!?!

Many hugs and prayers your way. I think you truly are a saint, and one tough cookie I might add. As for you Mr. Carter... You are my hero!

Cristina said...

Hi Carter, I'm sorry your physical therapy is hurting. It is cool that your leg is growing so much. I miss you. We are in the same class and Mr Stutz is really nice and we only have one page of homework each week and it is really easy. I'm glad you are coming home soon
from Natalie

Ken said...

Jamie you are an amazing mother!! I will never forget meeting you at Dr. Paley's office when we took our little Kaylee for her first visit June 2010. You gave me so many incouraging words. Carter is a real trooper too:) Glad you are headed home.