Monday, August 30, 2010

The Gangs...

All Here! And hanging out on the playground while waiting for the rotary club dinner. Well, until Carter's wild-child-ness started giving everyone a heart attack. So, we went back inside.

This is Caroline with Kim and the kids. She is formally known as Dr. Paley's Clinical Coordinator. Let me translate that for you: she does everything. She knows everyone and remembers their names (impressive) and she is always floating around the clinic with a smile while offering a helping hand. Not only that, if your child is having surgery on his hip and knee and you come to WPB all alone, not knowing a soul, without even a vehicle, she will give you a ride to the pharmacy so that you can get your son's prescriptions filled. (Yes, I speak from experience)

Dr. Paley said Carter's frame is bending because he's so active.
Hum, so that's what we pay him the big bucks for!
(JUST KIDDING, really I am, but I couldn't resist)

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