Monday, August 9, 2010

Paley Shindig

This past weekend we celebrated at the annual Paley Family Barbecue. It was a grand time had by all, good company and tasty food are a winning combination. Not only are Paley and his staff second to none, they also have the best group of patients in the world. I speak from experience.

Carter and Dr. Paley
Just so you know, I think there is a good chance that the BBQ is just a guise, in actuality it's a big photo opt for all of us Paley fans. I mean, the good Doctor probably doesn't want a group of blog-happy moms showing up on his door step. Never the less, we love Dr. Paley and we welcome any opportunity to hang out with the medical staff who are near and dear to our hearts and the patients and families we've come to know so well.

What BBQ would be complete without a magician? And this guy was good, Jared was even impressed!
Carter and Servando
Carter and Tony
Chowing down on chicken and ribs and baked beans and potato salad and dessert galore!

My good friend Kim. I just can't imagine what this journey would have been like without the support of someone who really understands. And the fact that she has her own specialty dessert business doesn't hurt either.

I think Paley should have a shindig with his patients every weekend, don't you!?!

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Jason K B said...

I second what Jamie has said- what a bunch of wonderful people we have met while on this adventure. From the people at the Paley Institute to the other families going through the same thing- Thank you for taking care of my family.