Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spoiled & Homesick

It's just the three musketeers, again. After leaving Jared at the airport this morning it was a somber mood in our car. Homesickness has truly set in, especially for Carter. But we had a great time and, in true Jared style, were spoiled to the hilt! I think it's going to be a shock for the kids to go back to P.B. & Honey after all the eating out, oh heck, for me too.

No visit to Singer Island would be complete without a dip in the ocean, even if it is a bit chilly and kinda stormy. The weather here is really random...

Jared insisted that we have seafood on the water. He felt it would be very un-floridian of us, indeed practically an insult to the state, not to do so. Don't let the pictures of Caitlin fool you, she loved her shrimp and crab dip.

Carter was a little unsure of the crab, although completely impressed that the joints still worked.

Let it be written, when Jared has children of his own, I will be buying each of them FIVE of these dig-for-fossil-messiest-toy-on-earth thingies. (I guess I shouldn't complain since he did all of the clean up)

Although it was sad to see him go, he didn't leave us empty handed, that's for sure. Our freezer is well stocked with plenty of the good stuff... I had oreo ice cream in an oreo cone for breakfast.
(Can I start that diet we talked about next week?)


The Kent Family said...

It is going to be hard to follow Jared's visit. You better still want us to come. We might not buy you seafood by the seashore, but we're bringing Zac! Doesn't that count?

Amy said...

I loved seeing these pictures!!! I haven't seen Jared in so long. I'm so glad you guys had such a great time together.