Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pool Therapy

Carter quite enjoys pool therapy. Of course, the fact that his buddy, Cas is there probably has something to do with it. I feel for those therapist, the antics of two 10 year old boys are enough to drive the most sane person up a wall! And when therapy is over, I think those poor therapist must tell the boys to GET OUT of the water at least two dozen times...but their ears are plugged with water (yeah, right!).

Look how much that cute leggy has grown!
Always a jokester, even during stretches.
Carter and Cas
Yesterday during land therapy we had a discussion with the therapist about the bar that Carter is supposed to be wearing at night to keep his leg straight. Lately, he really complains about pain while wearing it and he's hardly able to sleep. I was lamenting to the therapist when she reminded me that Dr. Paley has a reason for everything and so it's very important that we follow his instructions. I told her that, yes, everything Paley instructs us to do sounds just fine at three in the afternoon when we are in his office. The problem is at three in the morning when we are exhausted and just can't take anymore! Last night was really bad and so today I'm on a mission to figure out what's going on, because I'm about ready to toss that bar out to sea. Rationality is hard enough for me to keep as a companion, and impossible when I'm sleep deprived...


Ace said...

You know what I really hate???

When I don't get auto updates on my blog roll from your blog roll because you are posting on Carter's blog-- Dagnabbit...I keep forgetting!!

But I'll have you know that I am now officially "caught up" again, and as a result have come up with a few questions for you:

1. I would like to know how you eat ice cream by the carton/ice cream and oreos for breakfast/have a close friend with "dessert" benefits and manage to stay so svelte, all while sickening us with your diet comments... Puh-leeze!

2. Wondering if you could pack some of that amazing fresh seafood in some ice (or some ice cream) and bring it home with you for me to enjoy?

3. How big of an age gap would be considered unacceptable in terms of an arranged marriage between your Caitlin and my Buddy? I would love 10 grandbabies straight out the gate, and it sounds like that girls got the ambition to make it happen!! Besides, where else am I going to find a gem with such a considerable talent for naming children?

Carter's progress is looking awesome!! Way to go big guy!!!

The Kent Family said...

What a boy Carter is. We have missed him and his cute personality. I can't wait to see him. I hope you can find out how to get him and you some sleep! I'm so sorry!

Amy said...

Hey, I totally didn't realize you were posting over here again! Sorry! His leg really looks great. As for the sleep deprivation, sounds like somebody's ready for a new baby!!!