Thursday, August 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes

A couple weeks ago, we were strolling downtown WPB with Cas and his family, when this guy started keeping pace with us as I pushed Carter in his wheelchair. Now, it's not a new phenomenon to have folks stare at Carter when we venture away from home and it really doesn't bother us. Fixators are not something that many people are familiar with. Frequently, people ask questions and we answer them. Then, we are flooded with well wishes and that's that. But this time, the guy seemed really excited to see us and when we made eye contact he said, "Hey, you guys are Dr. Paley's patients." Now that's a first. Then he said, "I'm the rep for the company that makes the fixators, I'm in the operating room on all of the procedures." Double first. So we stopped and talked and found out his name was Tom and then he talked to the boys and we got a picture (cause it's all about the blog) and he was actually really happy to have met them as he doesn't have much patient interaction.

Lately, I've been thinking about all of the behind the scenes people that make this whole process possible. I'm sure I don't even know about most of them. Like Tom, they do their jobs while remaining nameless and faceless to the patients and their families. But if I could, I would let them meet Carter and see how this surgery is changing his life. I would hug them and tell them thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing a job that truly makes a difference!

And after meeting Tom, we went to the fountain and then to Palm Beach Puppies cause that's what we do. It's all a part of our exciting WPB lifestyle. We're on a first name basis with the owners of the puppy place, and by that I mean we're "Paley People" to them. That's cause the rest of the Paley families live exciting lives, like us, and they frequently visit the cute little designer pups, too! What can I say, a bunch of kids with metal attached to their limbs is a memorable site :)

Grammy arrived yesterday, and the first thing the kids said was, "Let's take her to Palm Beach Puppies!" I'm not kidding.

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