Saturday, September 4, 2010

Five Reasons I Should Have a Reality T.V. Show

1. Our family -3 kids and not counting- has accumulated more stuff than the Duggars and their 19 kids and counting did when they had a temporary home due to medical necessity.

2. It's much more uproarious to watch three drenched moms bolting through the posh areas of town during an unexpected, torrential rain storm all while pushing wheelchairs (yes, there were kids in them), than it is watching Kate run through NYC in high heels while carrying 8 dripping ice cream cones.

3. A war waged with an insurance company is waaaay more laborious than a war with a cupcake. Duh.

4. Kids with fixators taking over WPB get more head turns than Kourtney* and Khloe* taking Miami.

5. This real housewife from Salem can throw a party that will give any of those other housewives a run for their money and all I need is peanut butter m&ms, a couple of kids with limited mobility, and the premier of
Camp Rock 2 (of course it helps that I'm really awesome at the dance moves, or at least better than the kids with limited mobility).

Now you know how my mind works when I'm doing a mundane task like packing one million sea shells for a safe voyage (by car not by sea) to their new home in Utah.

*Spell check doesn't approve of the spelling of these names. I don't think I do either, but I'm partial to the letter C (wink).


MaloneDad said...

Your blog is an amazing record of this story. Going back and reading from the beginning (including the blogs from your family blog) through today is a great record. You should publish a book.

I am so proud of Jason and you. Having watched this story unfold over the past four months brings me to tears. Reading it from the vocal one (Jamie - you must have gotten that from your mother) and seeing the strong support from Jason tells a story of just how far parents will go to make a better life for their children.

Reading the blog is like being there - sort of! I am excited to see all of you home again! Carter is truly one amazing young man. Seeing the sacrifice from Colby and Caitlin supporting their brother is also amazing. All of you have grown over the past four months. Not sure how I would categorize the sacrifice of replacing Salem pond with the beaches of WPB.

I love all of you!

OConnellFamily said...

Hi! I found your blog looking for limb lengthening sites. My son Owen just had his fixator taken off by Dr. Paley in July. I read your blog and it's just super funny and really great to read another parents perspective. We are at the end of our journey, but feel free to check out my blog. I linked your blog on mine because I think it's truly important for other parents beginning this process to get a real sense from parents of what it takes. It's not as easy as the doctors make it out to be... they don't give you the dirty details. :) Just shoot me an email if you'd prefer I remove it.

Best of luck to Carter! It's amazing how quickly the end comes... and it feels like a blink of an eye... even though while we were in it, it felt never ending!


Cristina said...

You're so funny! I think you should pitch your story to TLC, I would watch it for sure!!!

So glad to hear you guys are coming home soon! It's really amazing to see how much Carter's leg has changed. Good luck with all of your "coming home chores."

The Kent Family said...

You know you're a true blogger when blog in your mind with each task you do!! Very funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys are going home early! We haven't hit Disney yet! Gah! We'll miss you guys. :( But I'm glad you're getting to be with your whole family again. We'll come out and visit after I graduate!

Tyler and Jess said...

I would totally watch your show! I can't wait for you to come home!! I miss having you around! I love you!