Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Have a Visitor

We're so excited because Jared is here! Especially since he's visiting all the way from Kuwait. Within 20 minutes of his arrival, Carter had new G.I. Joes and Caitlin had more ZuZu pets to add to her collection. Thank you, Uncle Jared! He says the whole reason he made the trip was for his debut on the here it is.

We knew we had to make this trip extra special because Jared just came from here:
And he was here: Then he went to N.C. (my fam will recognize this pic :)
And he's been hangin' with these cute hooligans:
So, what did we do? Why we took him to Palm Beach Puppies, of course! The kids are in love with this designer dog store where the puppies are kept in cribs and afforded all kinds of dogie bling. Then Jared treated us to fudge at Sloans and I'd say it was about as good a day as he's had, London and Paris excluded.

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The Kent Family said...

I can't believe our old house! Did they get rid of the porch railings? And is it still green? I'm glad you had fun with Jared, he's the best!