Saturday, August 7, 2010


What's it like at the Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute?

Come as you are...there ain't no dress code. On this particular occasion we went straight from the beach to x-rays then right back to the beach. And if it's a particularly long wait, it always is because Paley is really popular, they bring you little snacks. But there is always good conversation and lots of camaraderie for the kids.

And you don't get in trouble if you have drag races in the hallway.

And if you're really lucky, and your therapist is Don, you get to play games on his iPhone. Then, you spend the rest of the day asking your mom why you can't have your own iPhone and you have to listen to her reply, "You got $72,000 in metal attached to your leg, what do you want from me kid???"

And your little sister is always welcome, and believe me, she takes full advantage of the opportunity -including getting prizes from the treasure box, which may or may not annoy the actual patient.

And that's why we all like being part of the PALLI family!

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