Friday, August 6, 2010

Kidizens Earning Wangos

We got to go to Wannado City with our PALLI Friends. The kidizens had a great time trying out different careers and earning wango dollars in a city just for kids! We love going out with our new friends and spending time with these amazing families.

Are there any perks to having a child whose leg is being lengthened?

Yeah, you don't have to share the benches with the other weary parents!


Our little family said...

You are awesome! I would totally be tempted to use his wheelchair. Can you imagine what other people were thinking as you sat in his chair, and he leaned against it?!? :) How long will Colby be at home? Who does he stay with while Jason's at work every day? I think you're doing great at staying positive. This is a huge stress for you. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

CARTER said...

Colby was originally going to come back on August 10th, but he decided he wants to go to Jr. High, rather than do K12 again. So, he is just going to stay home and start school. Right now, he is floating around between some of my family. I'm so sad that he isn't coming back..I wasn't prepared for that, but we need to allow him the chance to try school if that's what he wants. Caitlin will go home on the 25th and then it's just Carter and me!