Monday, August 30, 2010

Social Calendar and Zoo(s)

We went to the zoo for a special evening animal encounter. We got to meet some wild animals and hang out with our favorite wild species... of Paley People. I tell ya what, our social calendar has been booked up! Tonight we are having dinner compliments of the local rotary club. We are thankful for these leisure activities, and our good friends who are keeping us distracted and amused as we push forward to the finish line.

And speaking of the zoo... Colby started Jr. High!

But not before he had one last summer escapade. His Dad took him up to Hill Air Force Base so that he could have his picture taken with all 90 of the aircraft on display (not kidding). And he spent some time paying homage to his beloved F22, which he hopes to pilot someday. Man, I love that kid.

And I love my sweet husband who is busily keeping the home fires burning during these last few weeks of our separation (and working his job, cause we need some dough to keep the fire burning).

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