Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Clinic Day

Today this little boy and I got to hang out at the Paley Institute. I know, I know we do that everyday. But that's beside the point.

We were greeted by the staff, who now feel like old friends

Then we got this awesome picture taken
And the verdict - 71 mm of new bone growth

Wouldn't ya know it? All of our favorite people were hanging out there, too!

Carter practiced parallel parking the plasma car

And we posed

Oops, no PDA allowed

And took pictures with the office staff cause we are leaving soon
(really we are... I think)

And posed some more

Strength and sanity; the perks of being friends with other moms, like Ashley

Picture with John, cause remember we're leaving soon...
And when he made a joke about not leaving soon we totally didn't laugh

Can you tell that we've been up at 1:00 AM watching reruns of
Whose Line Is It Anyway?

These kids are pros at keeping themselves entertained
while we wait for the words:

(code for: Dr. Paley is up from surgery, seeing patients, the four hour wait- no problem- is almost over)

P.S. Today was a BIG day for our friends, Cas and Gracie...
we'll tell you why tomorrow-
because right now Carter's leg is hurting and he wants me to Rub. His. Foot.

Don't you wish you were me, carpal tunnel and all?

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