Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going Home

Oh, but not us - sorry if that tricked ya (but not sorry if you're my sisters because we joke that way). Yesterday, at clinic, Gracie and Cas got the green light to pack up their things and head for home. They are finished, caput, done, outta here! Well, until their next appointments and they have to get their fixators off and, like Carter, they'll probably need more surgery. But, that's doesn't sound as good as finished, caput, done, outta here, agreed?

We are so excited for our friends! It was a bitter sweet day; happiness for them, but sadness because we're gonna be lonely. We feel so fortunate to now call these families our friends. Carter has two new friends who are also going to be fifth graders (a very important commonality, ya know), but more importantly, they share the bond of having been born with a physical challenge that they are all determined to overcome.

I will forever feel a connection with these Moms because they helped me- or we helped each other- through some very difficult times. I was talking to Jason last night and trying to explain that, while we are beyond anxious to return home, we are going to miss these people so much! Then I was telling him that it's hard to be the last one to go home. I joked that we should have made friends with people who had surgery after us, not before so that we could have been the first to leave. Then, I remembered that they're giving us their food before they leave... So I guess there are perks to being the last one outta here. (You know humor is my defense mechanism, right?)

A private note to our friends:
Bye, guys! We'll miss you. Let's get our fixators off at the same time, kay? (That means you have to wait for the last person to be ready, ah-hem)

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The Kent Family said...

Don't worry, your day will come too! Hang in there. We can't wait to see you!