Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Not a Baby

Dear Mom,

I'd really like it if you'd stop babying me and treat me like I am older and I don't need you to come with me to go to activity days or piano on my bike.

Caitie (I'm not a baby)

I found this letter on my nightstand. I read it, decided she was right and started giving her more freedom. I let her ride her bike to horse riding lessons (after practicing how to get there, I'm nothing if not thorough) and I didn't even sneak and follow behind her (I may or may not be known for doing so). When I sent her down the road on her bike in her cute boots, helmet on her head and cowgirl hat around her neck, I thought I was going to pass out. I stood in the road and made threatening faces at drivers as they passed, knowing they'd be passing my girl as well. I strained my eyes until at last she turned the corner and she was gone. When she arrived home, an hour and 10 minutes later, she was one proud little lady and I was one proud mom- proud of her for making the solo trip and proud of me for letting it happen.

Now, I need to go muse over the current letter on my nightstand: price comparisons on horses, equipment, trucks and horse trailers. She has decided that she is going to join 4-H and needs the above mentioned items in order to do so. And believe me, when it comes to something cherished, she is as persistent as I am protective.

I'll keep you posted. I just never saw myself as a rodeo mom?


Amy said...

Oh my crap i love this outfit. Good post. I am really controlling myself. Maybe it's in the DNA?

Amy said...

HAHA you are as bad as me about posting often!!! Now its time to post again ;)