Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day on the Water!

Today we went boating and it was so much fun! I guess I should begin with a report of Carter's pre-op appointments. Everything went well and the surgery is scheduled for early Tuesday morning. We're all starting to get nervous! Since we had a few days to spare, we headed up (or over??) to the Tampa area to visit Aunt Cindy and her family. They have been so good to us and are seeing to it that we have a some fun before Tuesday! We went out with my cousin and her family on their boat (thanks Amy & Gary) and we really had a blast. We were laughing and talking and really enjoying ourselves-without any surgery talk. I've posted some pictures of our adventures. Oh, make sure you check out my extra fabulous hat.. It's like I'm practically a Floridian!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Hey!!! No pictures of me!!! :)
I'm impressed you got these up already. You look totally beach chic to me. It was a fun day. Hopefully we can do it again tomorrow. Better go wash some towels!