Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reddicted to Reading

Today we were leaving for school when Carter yelled, "Stop the car, I forgot my book!" Of course, I stopped for such an emergency. While he was running back into the house, (it is so nice to see him run) Caitlin said, "Man, he is seriously reddicted to that book!" Her comment got me thinking about how much fun it is to see my children get addicted to books. Honestly, its one of my favorite parts of motherhood. I can't think of many things that are better than watching my children learn to read, struggle to get it, become proficient, and eventually learn to love reading so much that they can't pull their nose out of their book. Love it!


MaloneDad said...

Since I know Jamie is the most frequent blogger and I post a blog about once every two months, I figured everyone would read her blog and I could let you know I posted a blog with some pics of Jake being promoted and Jared's address in Kuwait. So check it out!

The Kent Family said...

Jamie is the best blogger!
When I read you post title I thought you had made a spelling error. I was so excited that "Jamie had made a mistake" that I almost called you to make fun. Then I thought to myself, maybe I better read the post first, just in case. Good thing I did. That really could have been embarrassing! Especially in a family that never lets anyone live anything down!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

Reading is the best! Mina loves reading too and hopefully my two little ones will also.