Monday, November 30, 2009

Breakfast Surprise!

My children love to make breakfast for their ma and pa. This is what we found on Sunday morning:
Luke warm "hot" cocoa with a peppermint stick
Crispy toast with a load of butter
1- cinnamon sugar toasted almond (leftover from night before)
1- banana
All placed loving on a paper towel with our names inscribed on the top.

Chef: Carter

This breakfast got me thinking about a time when Colby made breakfast for the family. It was at least five years ago when we had all of the Malones staying at our house for the weekend and I had planned a yummy breakfast that included pancakes and buttermilk syrup. But, we all awoke to a table that was fully laid, including cereal and milk in all the bowls. We all made a big deal over Colby's efforts and my brother, Jacob, sat right down and took a big mouthful of cereal. This is the part where he started heaving and spitting the cereal back in the bowl. We all looked on in horror... then, he accused me of having sour milk! The nerve, I would never have have sour milk in my fridge, but buttermilk... that's another story! Oh, the good old days.

P.S. to my family: It was Jake and not Jared, right?


Amy said...

I think the almond is such a nice touch! That is too cute.

The Kent Family said...

How sweet. Can I borrow Carter. I need someone to make me toast in the morining. I love that story with Colby and Jake. Colby loves surprising his family!

Ace said...

Man does that kid know how to do breakfast up or what!!

Personally I love the peppermint stick in the cocoa, that's right up my alley.

And it appears as if your toast is cooked to personal specification..looks like you prefer yours just warmed while "Dad" likes his a bit more on the dark side;)

Love it!