Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Jump Rope

This girl is such a crack up! The other day I bought a set of nesting tin cans from Roberts but I decided I didn't like them, so I returned them to the store. I know this doesn't sound funny, but just wait. Okay, so I take the nesting tin cans to Roberts and the clerk proceeds to open each one up, I guess to make sure I wasn't trying to steal one or two!?! I'm watching the clerk as she does this and I notice that her expression changes as she peers into the final tin can. First she looks confused, then she starts to smile, finally she looks up at me and says, "Are these yours?" as she pulls a jump rope and a few other nick knacks from inside the smallest container. I bust out laughing and tell her that my daughter is a dink. Really, I did. I think this may have been the funniest thing that has happened to the clerk in awhile because she laughed about it through the rest of the transaction. But, for me the funniest part hadn't even happened yet.

I'm cruel. I admit it. It runs in my family. We love to tease and torture each other. Do you see where I'm going with this? Now, you should know that Caitlin loves her jump rope (about as much as she loves stashing stuff in containers) and she will want to play with it when she comes home from school. You know where I'm going now, don't ya???

After school my little girl comes waltzing into the house. I'm in the office working on the computer so she comes in and gives me hugs and then asks to go play at a friends house. I was already starting to chuckle when I told her yes. Then, being cruel, I listened as she went into the living room and started looking for the container. Of course, she couldn't find it, so she comes and asks her loving mother if I know where it is...

I tell her, "Oh, that thing, I really didn't like it so I returned it to the store."
WHAT!!!!!! My jump rope was inside the little....... at this point she started to cry, oops, I realize I should probably knock it off. I quickly explained that her jump rope is in fact in my purse and not at the store. Whew, was she relieved (as you can see in the picture)!


The Kent Family said...

Very cruel, Very funny! Loved it!

Cristina said...

That is funny! I was worried about them playing outside and freezing, but I guess when you are jump roping the entire time you stay pretty warm right?

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, fun story!

I love your blog header, by the way.