Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clashing and Stashing

It was crazy crash day at school
, according to Caitlin. To which Carter corrected her, "It's crazy CLASH day, CAITLIN" like one million times!

The boy who loves to strike a pose!

The girl who always sticks her tongue out when trying to be funny ???

Well, onto a different subject. Yesterday I was cleaning out my "kids stuff" stash drawer. This is where I put papers, artwork and letters that the kids have made until I can get them filed. I had forgotten about this letter that Colby wrote back in June. It really made me chuckle, thought you might enjoy it.

Here's a little background, I found this note on my bed with a pile of clothes from his closet that he obviously disliked.

Did you catch that? "I've always hated this pile of dumb, ridiculous, 999,999,999,999 year old fashion clothes that I hate!" Yada, yada....

And on the back side, "I don't care if I correctly capitalized or spelled correctly."

Oh, you cute boy, to know that you mom would be checking your hate letter for spelling and punctuation!

Finally, the P.S. at the bottom says, "I don't want to go to Florida." So there it was, the true reason for all of this frustration. You see, June was when we started discussing Carter's case with the doctor in Florida. It was a stressful time for our family as we realized what we were going to have to sacrifice in order to get Carter these surgeries. My precious children have been through so much and I love them dearly for dealing with it the best way they know how!

By the way, the clothes where very fashion forward... in case you were wondering!


The Kent Family said...

I love the spelling for pile, pieall. very funny. I'm really not surprised by the letter, hasn't Colby always hated his clothes. I just love that kid.

Ace said...

K, so I'm not exactly sure what happened--maybe I thought I left it on your last post and accidentally left it on another post somewhere, (YIKES!) but it was a big ol' comment re your family pictures and how terribly adorable they turned out. So so so so so cute! Love finding different photographers with a fresh approach. Thanks for the link.

Also, I have loved your posts--especially these letter ones. My twins are 'phonetically' spelling lots of letters these days and they too have been quite hilarious.

Tell Colby not to fret, we all have those days. Only I wish I could leave a huge "pieall" of clothes on my bed (like every other day) with a note like that and have someone take care of them for me. Instead I gotta haul the "redicules old fason" load to DI myself!