Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Birthday Girl!

Friday, October 23rd, Caitlin's Seventh Birthday




Menu: Worm Sandwiches drenched in blood and green goo

Eyeball Punch, Mouse Infested Pasta, Chips and Rat Dip

Witch's Hands & Pumpkin Cake with Vines

The Birthday Girl and Her Mama

Happy Birthday, My Best Seven Year Old Girl!

I love you more than a million, million, million black widows.....

Thank you to family and friends for your gifts and letters. It made her day!


MaloneDad said...

WOW!!! I should have stayed an extra day for the birthday dinner!! Really looks good?!?!?

Card was early and my birthday blog comment is late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Grandpa Malone

Amy said...

She is just too cute! Happy Birthday!
Your menu was totally disgusting! In a good way!

grant + brittany said...

happy birthday Caitlin!

what a cute yellow jacket! it looks so familiar and i can't figure out why.....

he he

The Kent Family said...

Oh no! We are the worst family members ever. We went hunting with caleb on Friday and forgot to call Caitlin. Then to make it worse I called on Sunday when we got back and forgot to talk to Caitlin again! Will she ever forgive us? I hope. I know Maggie is very upset with me for forgetting. I guess will have to make it up to her on Wed. when we see you guys at Jenn's shower! The party looked awesome. Happy Happy Birthday Caitlin!