Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny Kiddos

Kids say the darndest things

Caitlin looking at the American Girl Catalog:

"That's directly how big they are!" While looking at the two page spread that show the acutal size of the doll

"This page just blew up my mind!" The page with all of the accessories and she wants at least one of each.

Carter filled out a paper at Primary that said, "I can decide now" His response was, "To not get a tattoo."

Colby was having a bedtime snack with his dad, "Where did you and mom go to have me?" His dad tells him, "The Logan Hospital." Insistent Colby, "No, nine months before that." Eloquent Jason, "Uh."


Our little family said...

Perfect timing! I just got off the phone with the durable medical equipment guy, and he screwed up my order, so I'm a little frustrated. Especially Colby's remark made me laugh! The American Girl stuff hits a little too close to home, Liz is DESPERATE for a REAL American Girl doll, not a knock off, and there's no way I will ever spend that much on a doll that will end up under her bed.

Jamie said...

So glad to hear that! Caitlin doesn't own any of the dolls either... but she loves to look at the catalog! She circles everything she wants, but it's not gonna happen anytime soon. She is known to cut hair, use curling irons and hairspray, paint, crayons, lipstick etc. on her dolls!
Sorry about your order. You'll have to tell me about it tomorrow.

Cristina said...

I love it! I can't stop laughing about Colby's question. If Austin ever asks that question we can give him a definite answer...a fertility clinic in Springville. Sorry, is that too much info?!

About your comment on the family pic, we had them taken last weekend up Payson canyon. My brother-in-laws Dad took them for us. The goal was to get a big group picture with my side of the family, it was quite an experience! After 2 hours and over 200 shots, we did end up with quite a few cute pictures.

Amy said...

so what is the answer to his question?? huh? huh? we're all waiting!!! :)

we only have one ag doll because my sister bought it for emma a couple years ago. i dont know how to break it to lolly that she ain't gettin' one.