Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Summer in Review

Family Camping Trip
They aren't excited or anything!
See, I was happy to go camping, too. I would, however, have reserved my happiness had I know that I was going to get food poisoning and ya' know. This is how it went. I wake up sweating, my head is hurting and I realize I am going to be sick. I quickly wake Jason and ask him to get me a bag because I don't want to stick my head in the trailer toilet, probably not the cleanest thing around. Jason moans and groans but doesn't move. I can't wait so I run to the bathroom (if you can call it that) and ya' know. Jason hands me a bag just as I am finishing up. I take the bag and say thank you.
Do all kids like fire or are mine just pyros?
Flowers for Mom Jack was a real hunting dog on this trip. He hunted for all of the cow patties and rolled in them!
Carter insisted on "real" camping. According to him, that means no pavement or "stalls" that you pull into. Also, all true campers find a big dead tree to cut down (with an ax) for use as fire wood. I wasn't worried. I have Jason.
The oh, so proud of themselves, Brown Boys!
I love this picture because it represents my boys so well. Carter is always smiling and a joke is never far from his lips. Colby is more serious and needs more time to process everything. They are both such loving, kind boys.
The Malone Cousin Trip to the Discover Museum
Don't even try to rush Colby at a museum!
Caitlin and Tristan
Carter is so good with little cousin Addie.
All of the Malone cousins. Does Caitlin know where the camera is?
Back to school Hair Cuts!
Caitlin decided to go with a chin length cut. I was thrilled when she told me that she wanted her hair cut. She hates having her hair brushed, and had recently declared that she didn't need to use a brush anymore because she was going to use her fingers??? So, you can understand my excitement over the new "do"
Little prank that Caitlin played on Jessica! Is it a good idea to prank the person that cuts your hair?
Could she be any cuter? Caitlin was ever so pleased with her appearance! I love this hair cut on my first grade girl, and look at those blue eyes.

End of Summer Family Party
We had so much fun! Carter and I left for his surgery in Florida the following day so this was memorable family time. It all started with the egg balancing relay.
Coordinated Jessica versus Carter....who will win?
I have one thing to say. Boys will be boys. The water balloon toss
Caitlin insisted on having Tyler for a partner, you know, since they are pretty close to the same height!
The water balloon toss turned into a water balloon fight. Of course.
Brother and Sister
Most soaked: Jess and Caitlin.

I have a confession. Sometimes it is hard for me to just "play." I was so stressed about the surgery, and packing, and school starting, and .... that I almost forgot to have fun before summer ended. I thank my sisters for planning the museum trip and convincing me to attended even though I needed to do laundry. (I know, I'm a ball of fun!) Thank you to Grammy for letting us borrow the trailer. Carter's only request before surgery was to go "real" camping. And don't even say it wasn't "real" camping because we slept in a trailer! Thanks to the Blacks for the generator, electricity is such a blessing. Once again, no comments needed. And finally, thank you to my family for knowing me, understanding me, and putting up with me. I am blessed to have a sweet husband who would do anything for me, kiddos that amaze me everyday, and family who love me no matter what. It's a good life.

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Welcome to the blogging world! I swore I would never drive a minivan and I would never have a blog...after Makenna was born I did both! I have really enjoyed blogging and I just found out that you can print your blog. I don't think I will ever catch up on my poor scrapbook, but if I can print my blog I won't have to. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my list of favorite blogs.