Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coming Home

We made it! We're Home!

Carter is thrilled to be home. Last week he kept telling me how much he missed playing with Colby. The boys were happy to see each other at the airport, Colby lovingly said to his brother, "Missed ya, Bro!" I was beaming. Reality check. They've been arguing over the same Nintendo game all day... I had been missing the normal, everyday occurrences of our family. Not to worry, I got what I wished for and It is great!!!
Here's a picture of the Malones waiting at the airport. Without Carter and I knowing, Colby hatched a plan for the Malones to come surprise us at the airport. It was a wonderful surprise! It warmed my heart to see them all standing there and knowing that they are behind us one hundred percent. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderful extended family members. We thank the Browns and Malones for all that they do for us.

Here is a video clip of the home coming. Grandpa Malone apologizes for the filming- he got caught up in the moment! Sorry I cried and distracted everyone :)

Carter begins physical therapy next week. He is making such good progress and we are confident he will continue to recover and work hard in PT. In the mean time he is is terribly anxious to get to school (are Colby and Carter related) and see all of his friends. He is insisting on starting next week, but I am not sure if I am ready for that. I told him that maybe I should come to school a few times during the day to check on him. He replied, with a look of horror, "Don't come check on me, I'll be fine!" Maybe we can start with half days.

Our next trip to Florida will be in November for a three month check-up. Carter wants his Dad to take him, I'm all for that! Then, barring any complications, we will head back to Florida in May for the next surgery, and return home in September. But, now that I enjoy blogging I will be able to keep every updated, in the mean time, visit us at for all the latest Brown Family News!


KGB said...

Hi Carter, I did a whole long comment about your homecoming at the airport the other day and I couldn't figure out how to post it. I'm here I go again. I love the actual video footage that Grandpa Malone did. Sound effects are great! Bet it's nice to be home and back in familiar surroundings--even if you have to endure a little PT. Love seeing you all on your blogs. Africa is definitely an adventure. Will write a new report later. Keep up the good work. Love lots G & G Brown

Bree said...

Welcome Home! How wonderful for you to be back with your family. I'm so glad that Carter is doing great. We sure miss your visits. Love, Brianne