Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Caitlin has been an official first grader for nearly a month now. She loves recess and eating lunch at school. Yesterday she came home with a stamp on her hand from the lunch workers indicating she was out of lunch money. Of course, I forgot to send a check today. But, in my defense I had to leave the house at 8:30 to get Carter to P.T. and it isn't easy getting him anywhere quickly! Anyway, when I picked Caitlin up this afternoon I realized that I hadn't sent her with lunch money...
Me: "Oh, shoot! I forgot to give you a check, did you get another stamp?"
Caitlin: "Yeah. I told the lunch worker we were low on money."
Me: "You, what???"
Caitlin: "Told her we were low on money, and she asked if it was because of the surgery and I said yes."
Me: "We aren't that low on money, we can still afford to eat!!!"
Caitlin: "Oh."
I made a split second decision to quit talking about the strain of the hospital bills when my children could over hear. Maybe I've been stressing my children out. Great, another bad Mom decision. Hate that.
Once I got over the initial shock I called Jason and we had a good laugh. Still, I think we are going to be more careful about what we discuss when the children are in ear shot. But, hey, it could have been worse, right?


Kassie Jane said...

I'm glad she'd wear that cute outfit when you got home. She told me it was too girly when i was getting her ready for school. :)

your family is so cute

Luv you all

Jamie said...

Don't feel bad. She only wore the shoes for the picture-to school she wore flip flops! I guess I should have saved the money for lunches!

Jamie said...

Kassie- will you allow me onto your blog??? Thank you (if you say yes).

The Kent Family said...

Does this link you to my blog?

KGB said...

Caitlin, You look absolutely fab in your new school attire. Are you having birthday #7 next month? I can hardly believe you are so grown up. I'm glad you enjoy school---and you're right, recess and school lunch are the best. Know that someone in Africa loves you. Love you, G & G Brown

Prilla said...

I found you! I remembered Carter's blog name, just like you said, and found the link to your family one. It'll be fun to keep in touch with you guys.
The little conversation between you and Caitlin is so funny. I would never do something like forget lunch money. ;)

Amy said...

She is too cute. I love that outfit and the pose, too. Oh, and your rocking chairs are way cute, too. See how observant I am??