Friday, September 4, 2009

Cleared for Take-Off!

It has been two weeks since Carter's surgery. Yesterday we had our follow up appointment and everything went well. We are officially cleared for take-off, yeah! Carter's x-rays looked great, his femur is situated in his hip socket well. His wounds are healing nicely, he has two incisions on his thigh that run up to his hip and an incision on his knee and they all look good. Carter has continued to make good progress in physical therapy. He will continue with PT for the next six weeks- 5 days each week. Wow! I guess we'll be driving to Orem A LOT!

This has been an amazing experience. Carter and I both learned we are stronger than we every thought possible. Dr. Paley is an excellent surgeon, but more than that, he has established a helpful system of support staff. When we arrived here, I was feeling very "displaced." However, with the help of these caring people- from PA's to Office Secretaries- we made it. They have all been very kind and very willing to help with any issues we have encountered. I can't thank them enough!

I am filled with emotion when I realize how many people made this surgery successful. When we left we had a great support system at home. Now, we have a support system in Florida that includes ward members, family, and Dr. Paley's staff. I feel confident that we will be able to continue with the surgeries and appointments that Carter still needs. I don't know if I can assemble words that accurately describe my appreciation, but my heart is full.

Carter is soooooo excited to see his friend and siblings. He has been driving me crazy the last couple days. So, please, to all his friends, come over and visit because he can't wait to see you! Yesterday he asked if he could start school as soon as we got home, that was when I knew he was really tired of spending the majority of his time with his mom. As much as I love that boy- I am looking forward to school, too!

Thank you to our friends and family who have continued to care for Colby and Caitlin. Colby was thrilled to pieces that he got to spend a day with our neighbors, the Christians. They are a retired couple who have taken fondly to Colby and he to them. Jason's sister, Kassie and several of my sisters (and Jess's friend Emily) have-and continue- to help out on the home front. Of course, Caitlin has continued to spend time at Natalie's house, the Marshalls have taken her in as one of their own. We love and appreciate you all so much! It has brought me great peace to know that my other children have been content and happy in my absence.



whmalone said...

Carter - we are excited to see you. Jillian keeps asking if we can come see you and I have to remind her you are still in Florida! One more night and then you will be home. You sure you want to go back to school? Guess seeing all your friends would be exciting. Looks like you have a bunch of nails in your hip. Great job with the PT - keep it up when you get home. S

See you soon - Grandpa Malone, Joy and Jillian.

KGB said...

Carter, I was so excited to read your Mom's post today. We just got home from going to the Ghana Temple. It is very beautiful with an African design. You were in our thoughts and prayers and so it was exciting to read that you will be home tomorrow. I bet you will be glad to be home among friends and family. I'm homesick for you all and wish we could be there to help out, but just know that we love you so much and hope the PT is less painful as days go by. Keep up the good work and maybe we can Skype this week-end. Love you tons--Grandma & Granpa Brown

Cristina said...

It's so exciting to hear that you are headed home! Caitlin is always welcome at our house, I'm glad Natalie has such a good friend. She was telling us all about going to pick Mom and Carter up at the airport yesterday. I'm sure you are as exicted as she is!