Monday, October 4, 2010

Things To Celebrate

Jake arrived home safely from Afghanistan

Carter has two feet on the ground

Joy is playing her first season of college volleyball

Adeline wants to kick your trash

Caitlin and Tristan only "left-out" Maggie a couple dozen times

Rocko and Jack were just happy to be invited

Grandma's shuttle made it from Idaho without much drama

Mom didn't make us join in song, accompanied by the piano and flute

Dad, Jason and Jake are no longer the sole representatives of the male gender (perhaps part of the reason we don't sit around and sing anymore???)

Caleb found a way to turn all conversations into a dirty joke

The Fisher-man Price weren't lonely this weekend

We didn't play Rummy-O, so I didnt' have to embarrass my sisters with my highly enviable skill and unbeatable-ness

P.S. Something is telling me to censor the comments to this post ;)


The Kent Family said...

You don't have to censor, It's me,not Caleb!! Oh, and why did you post that picture of Maggie. You know the one I'm talking about!!

Joy Malone said...

Oh wow are such a loser. We all know that the 100 times we have played Rummy-0 you have beat me maybe 3 times...and its only because you are crying or cheating. The pictures are cute! love ya!

Tyler and Jess said...

HA HA HA! That was really funny. I have decided that our family is too mean to each other, so I am going to let you think that you can beat me in Rummy-O.