Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Want You To Know

Your Mom & Dad are as proud of you as any two parents could be! Deciding to go to Jr. High after two years of online school was a big choice to make, one that you chose all on your own. The truth is, in many ways it's easier to have you home, under our roof where we can protect you. As you are learning, in Jr. High kids all want to be the same, but you are different. They are scared to be unique, feeling better about themselves if they can just "fit in" with the cool crowd and doing anything to be accepted. And that is where bullies are born, insecure about themselves and not brave enough to be their own person. But you are different and someday those differences will set you apart in ways that are beyond anything we can imagine. It's the different thinkers in this world that truly hold the power; the power of forward looking and change. These are the people who discover cures to rare diseases, invent the latest and greatest in aerial warfare, and maybe someday even make regular old cars fly, you get the idea.

Right now it may seem better to just be like everyone else, but you aren't and your uniqueness will serve you well one day. The strength of your character was apparent as you forged ahead with a bruised cheek and wounded heart, determined to keep going despite the unkindness of some children. And, in the end, you learned that there is good in the world....yes, even in Jr. High! You are now surrounded by a group of boys that heaven (and your mom) smile upon for their devotion to choosing the right. Keep your chin up and know that if you stay the course, you will be blessed!

And seriously, there ain't nobody who can compete with your creations, like the jet pictured above with retractable landing gear and all. That's my boy.

*Post Edit: For those of you that don't know, Colby has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism.


Our little family said...

Seriously, he is awesome, and so is that plane! Is that a propellor plane next to it? I saw some just like it in the Wright Brother's Museum in North Carolina this summer. :)

jMalone said...

Colby is such a good kid! He is so cute! I love him!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

We are sure amazed at how wonderful Colby is. He is so brilliant and such a wonderful brother. We have learned so much more about him through your blog. Go Colby! What a cool plane.. How did he do that? seriously...awesome!