Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Movie Night

Our kids love Family Movie Night, especially Carter. Something about everyone piling up on the couch bed, squishing each other, inevitably someone lets one loose, someone else gets elbowed, it's just a good time. Tonight we watched Over The Hedge. I had to remind everyone that the last time we viewed that movie as a family we were at Provo Towne Center Cinemas and Caitlin barfed about 3/4 of the way through the show.
Most normal families would pack up and leave after such an incident. Not us, we just moved down a few seats (movies are expensive, ya know) and finished the show. Don't worry we booked it out of there so people wouldn't figure out we were the ones responsible for the stinky mess. And really, it was better than the time that Carter had diarrhea running down his legs and puddling onto the floor as we attended a Christmas Eve showing of Polar Express. Yeah, that was bad. And the fact that the bathroom was completely out of paper towels and the place was deserted so I had to jump the concession stand counter in search of towels as Jason waited in the restroom with a "nakie" boy in the sink...

I guess we should stick to Family Movie Night at home!

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