Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Good To Be Home!

Our trip home was, as always, eventful. Sometimes I think a boring life would be ubber enjoyable, just for a day or two. Did you know the taking of pictures while your wheelchair bound child is being tested for bomb residue is strictly forbidden? Yeah, the security people will practically accost you for it. But, if you kindly, and somewhat dramatically, explain that your child has a pretty much famous blog (at least with family and friends) and that the story of his leg lengthening will really be incomplete without documentation of all events, they will let you take a picture at an acceptable angle, not including any of the highly classified security equipment. So, I got my shot, but it's totally embarrassing to get in trouble by airport security. You can thank me later for saving you from such humiliation.

Other eventful events (is that redundant?) recapped:

Sitting by Pat on our fist flight. She was so kind and we talked all about what it's like to have vision in only one eye; very interesting. And she thought Carter was adorable
(who can blame her?)

Having the wheelchair broken to the point that it was unusable for getting to the gate of our connecting flight in Atlanta and everyone had to scramble around figuring out what to do.

When coming in on approach, why do I always have to use the bathroom really, really badly? It's like a trigger that occurs as soon as the pilot says you have to stay in your seat for the remainder of the flight.

Flight attendants should never, never pull out a container of balm and go to town on their dry elbows. It induces gagging by passengers (aka: me) and silent prayers that your ginger ale will be prepared by a different flight attendant.

If the airlines do, in fact, brake your wheelchair and you still have a connecting flight, they will give you free headphones to watch the movie. The flight attendant will even offer you free M&M's and sandwiches, and give you two packages of biscoff cookies (and then you'll become fond of her, even if she uses balm at inappropriate times).

First class passengers are stingy and overprotective of their front-of-the-plane bathroom. And they don't take kindly to lovely ladies flying through the isles and catapulting over their luggage no matter how badly the lovely lady needs to use the bathroom because she had to wait for the plane to come to a complete stop even though she begged the flight attendant to ask the pilot to hurry up. Sheesh! 

 But, the best part was walking down the corridor to the loving arms of our family and enjoying a happy reunion.  


Our little family said...

Welcome home! I think I'm missing something. Didn't you drive out to Florida? So how did your can get back here?

Prilla said...

Welcome home!!!

CARTER said...

You are so observant! Carter and I flew home because he can't do a drive across the country right now. So, Jason is driving the van home right now and should be here on Monday.He met us at the airport when we arrived and a few hours later he was on a flight to Florida. He packed up the condo and, along with his sister, has the task of driving it all home. It's a crazy life...

Our little family said...

I was wondering how you were going to get 3 scooters home on the plane! :)

No wonder you have such great kids, they have great parents! What a good husband he is, to pack up the condo and make that long drive! I should have realized Carter wasn't up to the long drive. I'm not up to the long drive, and I don't have a fixator on my leg!