Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evening With Friends

Tonight we went to Sail Fish Marina with our friends... three kids in wheelchairs pushed by three really hot mommas (I'll let you figure out what kinda hot I'm talkin bout).

Carter decided he'd like this to be his yacht (you and me, baby)

And we'd like to take this cruise to the Bahamas

The scenery was Florida wonderful...
This is the bridge that we drive over to get to our condo. Not bad, aye?

And this is the view of the picturesque Peanut Island.
As long as we're going to the Bahamas, we might as well stop here.

Gracie, Carter and Cas (the mom's were too hot for a picture)

The kids were having a grand time wheeling down the dock. Well, until that fellow (aka: Kill-joy) seen above came over and gave us moms a talking too about water safety... and falling off docks... and water currents... and kids being goners... blah, blah.

So we went over and fed the fish and perused the marina and oohed and awed at the vendors and their nifty trinkets which the kids just had to have (but didn't get). Seriously, what would we do with a life size Marlin crafted out of a palm leaf? Cool, but no.

We're all anxious to get home, as any one of the kids or moms will tell you. But, as we laughed and talked with our friends tonight, I realized how much we will miss them! I don't know how to describe it, but as much as we want this to be over, it will be difficult when we actually say good bye to our life here.

And just so you know, Mr. Marina Man, you'd be hard pressed to find three other moms who are as overprotective and dedicated (and hot) as those whom you raked over the coals tonight. But, I'm not bitter or anything...

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The Kent Family said...

What a nasty man! Let the kids have some fun!! I'm pretty sure with moms like these kids have, they wouldn't be "goners"!
I'm glad you guys had fun, but I can't believe you wouldn't let Carter get the Marlin. It could have been his carry-on for the flight home!!