Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And Then There Were Two

I'm a mess! My little girl left today for home to be reunited with with her Dad and brother, Colby. Watching her disappear down the escalator toward her flight was almost more than I could bear. Really, I'm not kidding here. I thought they were going to have to mop me up off the floor of the airport as I dissolved to tears. Carter and Caitlin were emotional, too. Caitlin is embarking on a new school year, growing up before our eyes into a strong, smart girl. This is the second year that she will begin school with her mom and brother far away in Florida. Carter misses his family, coupled with the fact that he is feeling left behind, again. He's watching as life continues without him and wishing deeply that he were home. Let's just sum this up by saying there were lots of emotions felt and lots of tears spilt at the West Palm Beach International Airport today.

When Colby left, nearly a month ago, it was intended that he would return to Florida in a few weeks. However, because of unforeseen changes with schooling, it worked out better for him to stay in Utah. The good news is that I didn't have a melt down at the airport when he left. The bad news is that I haven't seen him in nearly a month and I miss him so much it hurts. He started Jr. High (and just as soon as Jason sends me the pics I will post them), an occasion that I sorrow at missing. Although, it should be noted that he doesn't seemed phased at all that his mom wasn't there to wail and blubber about his growing up with out her permission!

And so that is how, if you do the math, we are down to only two...

Grammy's been with us for two weeks and we said goodbye to her today, as well. She and Caitlin are two of a kind when it comes to their love of the ocean. Hours on the beach, evenings in the pool, snorkeling and sea shell collecting were they ways they spent their days. Carter and I returned today, after therapy, to a quiet, lifeless condo. How we will miss those two and their laughter and excitement (at the best sea shell they found, even though it looks just like the other two million they've already collected)!

Can I make a confession? I secretly want to tell Dr. Paley that we are done, we'll just take what we have and, thank you very much, head out of here. But, we can't. No, we can't (that's me convincing myself). We've come so far and we can't quit before we reach our goal, right!?! I know that, for many patients, the end of the lengthening process is the hardest part. But, really? THIS hard? Carter is in pain most of the time. His muscles are so tight and P.T. and stretches are so difficult. Add to all of that, our longing to be home and the emptiness we feel when separated from loved ones, and you get the picture. This is hard.

P.S. I was going to say that I miss my family so much my teeth hurt, then I realized I really do have a sore tooth... I miss my dentist, too.

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Cristina said...

I don't know what to say except I'm sorry and I'm sad for you! I hope the last few weeks will speed by for you and Carter. I'm sure it must be so hard for him to miss the first day of school. Natalie is so glad they are in the same class again this year!

On the way home from school today she saw Caitlin out in your front yard and practically jumped out of the moving car to see her!! They are at your house playing right now. We were all glad to see her, Natalie thinks she has changed a lot and we are all jealous of her tan!