Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Has Arrived

Jason flew in this morning! The kids had him in the water before he'd been on the ground for an hour.

I was watching them all swimming and I realized that I'm not the fun parent. Sure, I take them to new and exciting places and I always make sure they participate in the library summer reading program (even in Florida) and I take them to museums and stuff, but I'm not the down and dirty "fun" parent. I've been trying to be more so since Jason left. The other night we were swimming and I jumped in after one of the diving rings. Colby yelled, "Who are you and what have you done with my mother??" Then Carter added, "Holy cow, you just got your head wet!"

So, the kids are gitty with excitement that the "fun" has arrived and I'm just so relieved not to be alone, at least for awhile. I'm going to make a valiant effort at being more fun, but right now my ear is still plugged from my last attempt (thus why I don't put my head under the water, Carter)!

Oh, this one is finishing his book called "Hellcats-A Novel of War in the Pacific" before he can really enjoy the fun. Apparently, he's in themiddle of a really intense part of the story (he'd want you to know it's based on true events). I would do the same thing..
I can't remember if you italicise or underline or use quotations or whatever for book titles???


Our little family said...

I'm not the fun parent either, so I can commiserate with you. I'm trying really hard, though. Last year I jumped off the diving board for the first time about 6 years, and it was really fun! So I've been making more of an effort to play with the girls instead of just coexist with them. And when they were laughing hysterically at me in the pool the other day, it was all worth it. :) I think you're a great mom. My mom told me the other day, "Most things you won't do right, but the most important thing is to love your kids." And I think you're supposed to put quotes around the title of the book.

Cristina said...

Hooray! How exciting that Jason is with you for awhile! I'm not the fun parent either, that will always be Danny! I'm the mean one who ends the wrestling match or squirt gun fight and makes everyone do terrible things like eat dinner or go to bed!!