Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Tell

This evening I was hanging beach towels on my balcony. I heard a little voice, "Oh, Hi Mom, whatcha doin?" I looked up to see Caitlin (I just prefer that over Catie, don't tell her) showering with the bathroom window open. We had a little chit chat:

Me: So, you're showering with the window open, huh?
C: Yep, I just like it that way.
Me: Really, why?
C: Ya, know so I can enjoy the really good view.
Me: Totally makes sense. Can I take your picture, I mean just your head, not your hiney or anything.
C: Ya, just don't put it on the blog...

You know what the really funny part is?

I totally open the window every time I'm in the shower, too! Guess that girl is a sucker for a good view, just like her momma.

Yep. That's what we can see from the shower.
But we can also see this:
Here's hoping they can't see us!
Oh, let's just keep this here post between us, kay?


The Kent Family said...

Um, let's hope nobody can see you. Jamie, you would be a lot taller than Caitlin! That might be a "good view" for your neighbors!

Amy said...

ok it's good to know that my family isn't the only one that says hiney. I wasn't sure if it was just us.