Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surgery Day

It's hard to believe that we are here..again, doing this..again! I'm afraid my emotions have gotten the best of me today. I'm sitting here in the waiting room fighting off the tears. Darn it, I just hate this! Then, I remind myself that this everything we have been working for. We are actually here, in Florida, and Carter is being treated by the best Doctor in the world. We have been blessed in more ways than I can list, our greatest blessing has been the support of our family and friends. Without that, we never would have made it to this point. So, I will work on remaining positive and keeping it together.

I will post an update as soon as I get one. I'm sitting here in the waiting room, Jason and the other kids are back at the condo. The waiting is the worst part! My eyes and ears are focused on the "door" from which the doctors emerge to bring word to anxious parents. I can hear the footsteps before the door even opens. Each time that it does, I hold my breath and peel my head, hoping I am the intended recipient. So far, it hasn't been me..

Some pics of Carter, being CARTER, just before surgery this morning:


KGB said...

Waiting...fasting...praying; we're with you Jamie, Jason, and family. Hearts knit together in love, hope, and support. The sun is setting in Africa--we will not sleep until we hear from you. Kiss those dimples for us! Love Grandma and Grandpa Brown

Kassie Jane said...