Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Address

Here's our Address:

Jamie Brown
c/o Paul Cosimano
3640 North Ocean Drive #427
Singer Island, FL 33404

*P.S. Carter is out of surgery and everything went well. He just got into Recovery and I'm waiting (not patiently) to see him.


Cristina said...

Carter & Caitlin,
I've been missing you and I hope you are having fun in Florida. I'm glad Carters surgery went well. I'm going to send you some letters. Everyone was missing Carter at school and church and wishing him good luck on his surgery. I will write to you soon and text Carter. Austin wants to write to Colby. From Natalie

Vickie said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. But a little more to Carter. For we really don't know the pain he is in. As Jesus said. I didn't say it would be easy I just said it would be worth it. My son Beau had many health issues when he was born and I felt that I was constantly wishing his life away. If only he makes it to this age, If only he makes it to this age. Over and over in his life I couldn't wait to see if he would progress. And he did, and if only he were young again. Love You and You are in our prayers. Hang in there is will be worth it.
May Your Wildest Dreams Come True. Vickie Walker