Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carter and Sharky- Out of Recovery

Carter and Sharky made it out of recovery and into their room. I was thinking how ironic it is that Sharky has been to each and every surgery, and now finds himself in Florida! Yesterday Aunt Cindy had to repair some of Sharky's stitching that had come unraveled, I guess 5 years and twice that many surgeries will do that to ya (it has for me--Ha!Ha!). Carter has an epidural and he is resting pretty well right now. We're having a bit of a concern over the middle pin site because it is bleeding fairly heavily, hopefully we get that under control in the next little bit. Tomorrow we start pin care and I'm sure the Physical Therapist will be in--no rest for the weary, I tell you! Thank you for the calls and messages from so many of you! We love you all so much.


Tyler and Jess said...

We love you Carter! You are such an amazing kid. So glad Sharky is with you!!

MaloneDad said...

Carter - how you doing bud? Wanted to let you know Grammy, Joy, Jillian and I wish you best! You are a brave young man! Love you!

B&L Belnap said...

We love you Carter! I love you're smile. We are praying for you. The Belnap Cousins