Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Times

We had a good weekend together as a family. On Saturday we took a little stroll on the beach, then the kids went swimming and Carter dipped his cute little toes in the pool. He was such a good sport and didn't complain about the bumpy ride-but he did take a four hour nap afterward! Each day finds Carter making strides forward which pleases us immensely.

In other news.. Caitlin lost another tooth, that's two since we left home! She is quite pleased with herself and took these hilarious photos. I'm stashing them in my folder of "pics that will mortify your children as teenagers" especially the one with the boogies!

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MaloneDad said...

You guys are very funny! Wish I was there with you. You are in Florida and Joy just got home from California. I get to stay in Utah where it is 95 degrees and no beach.