Monday, June 7, 2010

Physical Therapy (for both of us)

What are we up to these days? Physical Therapy, here we come!

We thought we'd be clever and take a picture of our reflection... Oops!

Got It!

Carter did very well today. He has good movement with his knee and he's starting to get up and walk with his walker. I was going to take some pictures at therapy, but by the time we make it there I was so blasted HOT and SWEATY and GRUMPY that I just wanted to sit! I mean seriously, do you know how much work it takes to get Carter, a wheelchair, and a walker loaded into the van and then unloaded out of the van? It wouldn't be pretty even without the 100% humidity (talk about Physical Therapy)! But, hey, it's not like this was a one time deal, right? We'll take some pics tomorrow or the next day or the next or the get the idea!

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