Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

Today we traveled a never ending expanse of pretty much nothing! (Also known as Wyoming) We made it to North Platte, Nebraska and we are all still speaking to each other and smiling for the most part. We had one little mishap today when we misread the GPS and told the kids we only had two more hours to go.. it was actually four! Let's just say there wasn't any LOL in our car when that happened (but I'm sure we'll laugh about it in like 5-7 years). Colby fulfilled a life long dream of seeing a real live antelope. In case you want to know, if an antelope breaks a horn it takes five years for a new one to grow back, just a sampling of the facts we were privy to hear from the Little Professor. Caitlin is definitely related to the Malone clan.. She declared, after 60 minutes on the road, that she wanted to stop and buy a motor home! Carter told me that he knew we were getting close to Florida because he could feel the air getting more "humider". Yep, we are getting closer!!!


KGB said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. I've chuckled all morning long--traveling with kids is the real adventure. So glad you are recording it. Love you all. Safe journey.

Jared said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the updates! I can feel the weather getting more "humider" here as well. We are already closing in on 120 degrees! Can't wait to come visit i got a ticket for the 8th through 10th of august. Love ya Jared

MaloneDad said...

Brings back many memories of our family's seven trips across the country while in the Marines. Remember the one with two cats?

Keep us updated and be safe.

One morning before you head out you need to Skype Jared to talk with him. He is feeling lonely since we have not emailed or written letters.

I've updated my blog also.

Tell everyone hello!

The Kent Family said...

Looks like fun! I agree with Caitlin, you need a motor home. Do you remember how much fun we used to have in ours? Is that comment from our brother Jared? I didn't know he was coming to visit. I wish we could come, but I'm not real sure how well a new babe would do!? Keep posting, it's fun to see how the traveling is going.

Jamie said...

Thank you for all of your comments! Jared, we're so excited to see you on here and can't wait for you to come spend a few days with us. This is an open invitation for everyone.. we would love visitors this summer!