Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Have you ever lived in your home while it was For Sale? It's pure torture. Seriously, gorging my eyeballs out my head couldn't be any worse!

Today I was up in Sandy having my sista take care of my roots. When who should call? You guessed it, the realtor. Long story short, I had about an hour to get this place shining like the top of the Chrysler Building. Is that place really even shiny? Now, it's not like we live in complete filth. But, we LIVE here- some more than others if you know what I mean. I nearly killed myself but I got it done and my chirren (shout out to my southern relatives) helped without too many threats. He he, it's always so nice when you can start pulling the Christmas card, "Santa has already started watching..."

Now here's the worst part: I sit here asking myself why I don't just kill myself for an hour each day and have a dang sparkly house all the time. Maybe I'll try it. I'll let ya know.


Our little family said...

I am not looking forward to doing what you're doing! My sister in law just went through that, and it was hard on her. When we go to sell our house, we plan to put a LOT of stuff in storage, so there will be way less stuff to keep picked up. Hopefully that will help. I'm sorry you have to go through this.

Amy said...

I didn't know your house was for sale! What's your plan?

My friend who just went through this went through this pretty much packed up most of her house and took most decorations down to keep it as easy as possible. Good luck!

Ace said...

This little post reminded me of one of the most hellacious moments I've ever experienced, it has to rank in my top 5 at least!

I busted my hump keeping my house freakin' immaculate, (a bit easier to do when I only had 1 child at the time but still totally nerve racking) for 11.75 months. Throughout the year we only had maybe a handful of potential buyers come through. So I had all but given up, the sign was coming out in a little over a week.

It was about that time I got a massive hair up the hiney. I was determined to "spring clean" the tar outta the place and decided "why be conventional and sane?" So I rocked through my house like a blazin' tornado, tearing everything out of closets, drawers, the pantry, with absolutely no method whatsoever of rhyme or reason--I mean like EVERYTHING--when guess who should show up (unannounced) with someone who had basically decided they wanted the place based on the pictures alone? Yep, the realtor...OUR realtor no less! I was mortified. Despite my best efforts to convince him to come NEXT MILLENIUM...he insisted he could not, and "must show the place now."

Then he trudged through my filth and chaos. I watched in horror as he (and potential buyer) slowly but surely started looking at me like I was one of those crazy hoarder people--you know, like you see on Oprah.

Yeah, we didn't sell the house to that guy after all. And I think that our realtor learned a very important lesson that day. In fact, that's probably when they started that whole "calling people ahead of time" policy.

Good luck, I am feeling your pain. I am.

Jenny said...

I have been there and I feel your pain. The same realtor you have did that to me and I had only 15 minutes. Then he did a drop in without calling once. That was a freakin' joke there were toys everywhere!

Ace said...

Hey you,

Did you by chance stop in today. I was resting (in ma G's--still trying to kick this post cruise motion sickness thing) when my kids busted in to tell me that someone was here in a black car. By the time I made it to the door, all I saw was the backside of a black van. You're the only person I know who owns one of those. Sorry I missed you! I'll call you tomorrow:)