Sunday, September 13, 2009

You've had a morning like this, right?

No milk- not even a drop. Make the kids eggs and toast (which I should probably do anyway) and make my smoothy with water (much better with milk). Scurry around all morning trying to get the kids moving. Tell Caitlin she doesn't have time to play with Polly Pockets. Help Carter get dressed and put the HUGE brace on. Hair is going frizzy because I didn't have time to blow it dry (hair time was reallocated to breakfast egg making). Try to calmly remind Caitlin that if she would just hurry up and and get ready, then she could play. Can't find one of the backpacks. Make Carter re-brush his teeth because two seconds can't possibly get the job done. Still can't find the backpack. Tell everyone it is time to get in the car. Caitlin is upset when she realizes she ran out of time to play. Help Carter make it to the car, seems to take forever. Get both kiddos in the car and adjust Carter's brace so that he can bend his leg. Head off to school. Actually make it to school before the bell rings. From the back of the car, "You forgot Natalie (neighbor we carpool with)!" Start to yell at kids even though it isn't their fault. Notice a really bad smell in the minivan. Discover that Carter has stepped in doggy poop. Leave the school without dropping anyone off. Principal and other parents are trying to figure out why I'm leaving with the kids. Hurry to Natalie's house. Apologize for forgetting her. Ask to borrow paper towels. Scrape doggy poop off the shoe. No time to get poop out of grooves in the shoe. Tell Carter to rub his foot on the grass during recess. Oh, wait he has to stay in the wheelchair during recess. Secretly hope that the poop rubs off before he comes home, then feel ashamed for wanting the poop to be on the school carpet rather than my own. Dig through mess in the minivan and find a plastic bag (from cotton candy at Lagoon this weekend). Put poop collecting paper towels in the bag. Realize that having a messy minivan can be a blessing. Get everyone in the car - again. Finally arrive at school. Help Carter out of the car, get walker out of the car, and readjust brace so that his leg is straight. Tell everyone to get their backpacks, crap, never found one of them. Bell already rang, oh well. Give Caitlin a hug and kiss and tell her to have a great day. Help Carter into the school, move him to the wheelchair. Give him a pat on the head because parental PDA isn't allowed in fourth grade. Smile and tell him to have a great day and call if his leg hurts. Head home with a heavy heart and teary eyes because it was such a hard morning. Vow to make tomorrow morning better. Go home and search for that darn backpack!


Prilla said...

Can I just say that is hilarious! Only because it didn't happen to me this time. You're such a good mom, I don't know how you do all that you do.

Kassie Jane said...

I'm not even a mom and that has happened to me! :)

Amy said...

OK I hope you will forgive the fact I was cracking up laughing by the time you got to the poop part. I feel your pain. I feel like our morning is like that at least two mornings a week. If it makes you feel any better, I'm working in the baby room at the preschool now and I feel like I"m up to my elbows in poop now.