Monday, September 14, 2009

Gold at the End of the River

We had a thunderstorm the other day that blessed us with big puddles, perfect for splashing and the like. Caitlin donned her brother's jacket, gloves and snow boots (she wouldn't want to ruin her own) and headed out to play. When I discovered her outside, I asked what she was doing. Her reply, "Following the river because it leads to gold."

Should I tell her that it is actually a rainbow that must be followed in order to find that illustrious pot of gold? Should I explain that a puddle running along the side of the road isn't really a river? No, I don't think I will because her response is just too precious!


The Kent Family said...

Caitlin is pretty funny. I think her confusion comes from hanging out with Jessica. For some reason that just seems like something Jessica would say. No offense to Jessica...I think?!

Prilla said...

Too cute!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

She is so adorable!