Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Got the Brace ON!

We began our daily physical therapy- I say "our" because I have to make Carter follow through with the insructions when we are home. I dislike my part as much as he dislikes his! However, the session actually went very well. It wasn't painless but Carter did it. He was able to tolerate the brace being put on and he wore it for the ride back to the hotel. The therapist was positive about Carter's prognosis as he continues with physical therapy. Tomorrow we learn our program of home exercises. Here are some pictures of Carter showing the brace. I am hopeful that tomorrow I can post pictures of him actually wearing it.

Carter's pain is improving and the amount of pain medication he requires is decreasing. This makes me happy because he just hasn't been himself lately. I have debated on telling this story, but I just can't resist. During Carter's hospitalization he was receiving very strong pain medication. He would talk in his sleep and still be confused upon waking. One night he woke up and told me he needed to get to the sink. I tried to talk him out of his confused state but he just kept insisting that he needed to get to the sink. Finally, he looked at me and said, "Good grief, woman, get me to the sink!" I started laughing hysterically because that isn't typical language for Carter and he has definitely never called me "woman". My laughing got his attention and he awoke fully with no recollection of what he had said. I guess I needed a good laugh.
Today has been a good day, thank goodness. Yesterday was so difficult and I truly felt that I couldn't handle anymore. Last night when I finally got Carter to sleep I burst into tears. I didn't know what to do. The only thing I could think of was to kneel at the couch and pray, although I think I cried more than prayed. No matter, my prayers and the prayers of my family were answered. Today hasn't been perfect, but it has been better. I was able to get in touch with the Relief Society President from the ward. She was so kind and offered to come sit with Carter while I ran to the store for groceries (in her car). She brought her own nine year old son which pleased Carter immensely. They played GI Joes together and Carter seemed like any other little boy, I loved seeing that. We both have renewed spirits and determination to keep going.

Carter's humorous nature is resurfacing, today he looked out the window and said, "What a nice view we have!"

Then he proceeded to make funny faces for the camera- good ol' Carter!

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whmalone said...

Carter - that brace looks bigger than you? Glad to hear you are making progress. Can't wait to see some pictures with it on you. Keep working hard on the physical therapy. The harder you work the more you will improve.

Have a story for you about physical therapy. Remember Uncle Rod? A long time ago he was hurt at work and broke his back. He was told there was a good chance he would not walk again. He decided to prove everyone wrong. So in addition to the daily physical therapy he would go to the therapy room at night to do the exercises by himself. He wanted so much to be able to walk. It was hard but he just kept on working. One night when he was alone he was finally able to take a step. He was so proud of himself but he thought no one was there to see what he had done. Suddenly he heard a bunch of people cheering! All the nurses and therapist had been secretly watching him every night!

So work hard! Love you!

Grandpa Malone