Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Carter worked very hard in physical therapy today. He tolerated all of the stretches and exercises and even smiled so I could take a picture! Carter wore the brace for the last part of therapy and was able to stand at his walker and take a few steps. The therapist instructed Carter to wear the brace for a full hour after therapy (if he could). Carter did very well for about 40 minutes at which point he started asking, "Has it been an hour?" every thirty seconds. I was able to tolerate that for about five minutes and then we just decided to take it off. As they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day." We are making progress everyday and that is what counts.
Carter was in a lot of pain after PT. He told me that he hates therapy and he isn't going back. He also said that we just should have come to Florida but not had the surgery. He has a tendency to overreact when he is upset. I have no idea where he gets that from!

Oh, I almost forgot, Carter was able to lift his own leg today (see picture). That made me blissfully happy because he is so hard to care for!

It takes an hour to wake him, do the sponge bath, wash his hair, brush his teeth, get him dressed and into the wheelchair. He is such a sweet boy and always remembers to thank me. Not only was I pleased at Carter's ability to move his own leg, but he was DELIGHTED as you can see in the picture. Look at his little neck straining because he is working so hard.
If you know Carter you are familiar with his good nature and caring attitude and although he is in pain, his kindness remains. One night as I rearranged his leg for the hundredth time, he said, "Thanks for helping me with this, Mom." Carter finds great comfort in having his foot rubbed, but my hands find it quite tiring. He will tell me that it is okay if I stop rubbing, even though I know it is making him feel better. He worries about his mom! Last night it took five pillows to get him comfortable, he looked at me and said, "But, what will you use?"

Carter and Mom

And one last thing, Caitlin, you are not too old for ruffles, you can wear pink even though it isn't your favorite color and you DO wear dresses. Now, start wearing your good clothes to school-no more play clothes! I love you and I am happy that you like first grade. I can't wait to see my best girl (in cute clothes)!


Anonymous said...


I was catching up on your blog and had to add a comment in the "things Carter said while he was highly medicated" category. While you were sleeping (finally) during the night of his blood transfusion, he woke up at one point, looked straight at me and said "it's too tiny, throw it back." I asked, "what, Carter?" He said "the fish you caught is too tiny, throw it back right now!" I told him okay, I would, and he pushed his medication button and went right back to sleep. It was so funny, and he looked so awake while saying it!

I miss you both and can't wait to see you this weekend!


Jessica Leigh said...

Ha ha ha! Jenn that story is so funny! That is just the thing Carter would be dreaming about!

Carter you are looking good! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work and thanks for taking care of my sister. Love you buddy!

Jamie I'm off to get Caitlin dressed...I'll try hard today to get her in a new outfit! I love you. You are amazing! I wish I was there to help you. One more week!

KGB said...

Dear Carter and Jamie,
Kassie is teaching me how to comment on your blog...I tried to do it once but it wouldn't send because I wasn't signed in correctly. I love having your blog to keep track of your surgery and recovery experiences. It makes Grandma feel like she is not a thousand miles away. We are getting ready to leave for Africa in the morning and I am gaining a real appreciation for the computer to keep me connected with my loved ones. Carter, you are such a brave boy and a great example to Grandma and Grandpa. We're kind of scared to go to Africa but we think of you and how brave you are and it gives us courage to know that with the Lord's help and our family's support, we can do hard things. We love you oh so much and are thankful that you are improving each day. Jason, Colby, and Caitlin came down for a while yesterday and so this blog will have to be your hugs and kisses for a while. Will see you when you get home on our Skype connection. We'll try to find some cool animals to show you (I hope it's not bugs and spiders). We love you both and are praying for your quick recovery. Safe journey is how they say good-bye in Africa. Take care and safe journey. Love Elder (grandpa) and Sister (grandma)Brown

Bree said...

Hi, Jamie! It's me, Wyatt's mom. Glad you guys are hanging in there and making progress!!! I hope you make lots of friends to keep you company.