Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hike

We hiked the Y mountain yesterday. It's a 2.4 mile hike, elevation 980 feet.
 Translated that means: quite a difficult hike (for some).

We went with our cousin friend, Tristan and our friends the Sandersons.

 I decided to hike with Carter to offer encouragement and support, to stay with him if he couldn't keep up with the group, to turn back early if it became too difficult. 
Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't keep up with him!
He reached the top of the mountain first with his friend, Wyatt.
He was delighted at his accomplishment.
Waiting in all his suaveness for the rest of us to catch up to him, he declared, "I've been waiting like an hour"!

Colby hiked with his 20 lb. pack because you can never be too prepared:

Flint & Steel
Signal mirror
Survival kit
First aid kit
Extra pair of clothes, including a jacket

Caitlin had a great time and enjoyed the view at the top!

I. made. it.

I remember when Carter couldn't complete a shopping trip without resting.
I remember all the surgeries and complications and hopelessness.
I remember being told he would likely always have some pain and difficulty walking.
I remember questioning the choice to have his birth defect surgically corrected
I remember that difficult decision to seek treatment all the way across the county.
Today I looked back at the blog to remember our life in June 2010.
It is a truly amazing journey and worth every bit of hardship!


Our little family said...

Carter is truly amazing! You need to document what he was like after the last lengthening surgery he had in Utah, and the document what he is able to do just a year after his surgery in Florida, and mail it to the insurance to prove to them that the surgery in Florida truly was the best choice for him. You are both such an inspiration.

Alisha said...

Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration today!

Prilla said...

Way to go Carter! What an amazing accomplishment! That is not an easy hike! you are my hero!

Jane MacLennan said...

I have been following your blog for a while as my 8 year old son has been undergoing leg lengthening, tibia and femur, for almost a year here in Scotland.
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see Carter at the end and hiking up a big hill. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Jane xx

Amy said...

I miss your posts! Write again soon!