Monday, February 28, 2011

Did you know Celine had her twins at "Carter's Hospital"?

That's what we call St. Mary's Medical Center around here. Anyway, she really did have her babies there and I was watching her on Oprah the other day and thinking that she would probably get a kick out of being around me and that we should be friends and I should visit her in her Palm Beach mansion and hang out in her pool. I'm fun. Really. Fun. She would like being my friend.

But, that's not actually what this post is about.

CARTER IS FIXATOR-FREE! And has been for TWO WEEKS (and nothing has broken)!

The last two weeks have been riddled with anxiety and the overwhelming fear that something could go wrong. Just ask Dr. Paley, the recipient of the frantic email I sent a few days after Carter's return home. I included pictures of Carter's hip (and his hiney, which made him pretty mad) along with my plea, "Are you SURE everything is okay????" They reply was a simple and reassuring, "Looks good to me." Even though the answer brought some reassurance, I still wasn't convinced. I kept checking his leg, looking for abnormalities (Dr. Mom), yelling anytime Colby or Carter got NEAR his leg. Finally, Carter told my that I was being overprotective of his leg (ya think?) and that I needed to calm down. And while I knew he was right, I just couldn't find peace and the nightmares I was having of broken bones and rods pushing through skin weren't helping. It's been a long couple of weeks. And when I'm feeling that way I like to keep to myself.

Then yesterday I realized that worry and concern weren't consuming my daily thoughts and the nightmares were ceasing and the anxiety was lessening its hold and a sense of normalcy was returning. And I knew it was time to do a post.

Besides having the fixator removed and a metal rod inserted into his femur, Carter also had a special plate placed near his knee to help straighten out the deformity in his tibia. It will need to be removed in a year- can you believe a WHOLE year without surgery! For now, Carter is not able to put weight on his leg while the bone continues to heal and his leg gets stronger. In about a month, we will begin physical therapy and from there I don't think there will be any stopping this kid. No shoe lift, no brace, ALL Carter. Watch out!

Carter made the trip with his Dad, insisting that I always accompany him for his surgeries and that, "Dad isn't as overprotective." So, I stayed here and kept things running smoothly (and shed five pounds because nerves affect our bowels on my mom's side of the fam. TMI) but my heart was with my sweet husband and brave little boy and I'm just so glad that we are all back together again. I like it that way. All of us home, together. But, we'll still go visit Celine when she asks!


The Kent Family said...

Wait a minute...did Jessica write this post? Either that or maybe her love of Celine has rubbed off on you! We're glad Carter is home too, and we are glad your bowels are back to normal, or as normal as they can get!

Gracie said...

OMG!! I am so excited to hear he is fixator free!!! Why didn't you let me know??? We are headed for xrays today to see if Gracie can walk unassisted finally! Tell Carter we said hello.

Ashley & Gracie

Prilla said...

What great news! Glad everything is going well!

Brandan & Haylie said...

What great news! Here's to all being good.

As for being's a just part of being a mom. Glad to know that I have some great company Ian this case.