Monday, January 10, 2011

New X-ray, New Cousin, New Glasses, Not So New Cat

Carter got new x-rays, I didn't even take pictures 'cause it just seems like old news. Anyway, Dr. P looked them over and reported that good progress and healing are being made. He advised us to send another set of x-rays in a month. Blah. We are in the midst of our EIGHTH month of fixator wearing. Blah, again. (Minus the one week without it, but that doesn't count as a hiatus...) Such is life. In other news, we got a new cousin and she is a cutie. We'll have to borrow her often because that's as close as we're getting to a new infant in this household even if Carter continues to beg.

Little Miss Caitlin got glasses! She's being saying that her vision gets blurry but I just figured she needed a little extra TLC - a fact that I mentioned to the Optometrist. Go figure, she really isn't seeing as well as she should be (the eye doctor told me so in a slightly condescending tone). Either way, she's adorable. Don't you agree?

Remember Bandit- the Birthday Cat? He disappeared last week for two nights and we were sure he was a goner. Fortunately (I think?) for good neighbors, Bandit and Caitlin were reunited and continue on in their mutually mischievous ways...


Amy said...

Yes, I agree, she does look cute! And I like her pose, too.

Who's the new cousin???

Ty and Juju Brown said...

She looks adorable in those glasses!! Glad to hear his leg is doing good too! It sure was fun to see you guys and your lovely home during new years! Love you all!