Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Snow!

Do you know how often we have "snow days" in Utah? NEVER! I can remember as a child living in Virginia and hoping for a snow day each and every time there was even a skiff of snow. We'd wake up and huddle around the kitchen radio and listen as the announcer would list the districts that were cancelled. It was so exciting when we'd hear ours called. Yeah, that doesn' happen here. We just bundle up real well, dig ourselves out of our driveways and continue on with life!

The kids were beyond excited today when they leaned that school had been cancelled. Luckily, one my friends called and shared the news because I was preparing to send my kids out the door (since I'd just told them that we don't do snow days in Utah). So, the kids are out the door romping in piles of the good stuff and I'm cleaning up the mess they made while roasting marshmallows over candles (don't ask). And I'm left pondering if my parents secretly shuttered when they heard the news of closed schools. Here all these years I thought we were ALL celebrating together, but now I'm left a wondering. So here's to a jump start on Christmas Break - Happy Holidays, everybody!


KGB said...

Oh, I feel so much cooler already! Thanks for the snow angels-I've been thirsting for some photos. What game are we playing? How are the piano lessons, Colby? Love you all--Have a Merry WHITE Christmas! G and G Brown

Amy said...

JAMIE BROWN. I had no idea you were posting on this blog. I guess I bookmarked this site instead of following it. I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with you guys. I just did a quick read of your posts and I am just overwhelmed at all you have had going on. I wish I were closer to help. I hate this. I am glad you have your family. I hope we can see you guys in the new year. xoxo